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 Dungeons of The Grand Realm

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PostSubject: Dungeons of The Grand Realm    Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:16 pm


Quote :
Mael’ Mornangrath was once a thriving kingdom known as Jedris'anvuil (Jewel of silver) during the epoch of the shadows and the dusk cataclysim. It was the largest civilization after the fall of the man during the viel of night which descended across the land. bolstered by a large population of Elves, Dwarves, Man and Took Mael’ Mornangrath represented the long lasting ties of the races, and was often looked at as the Jewel of the West, that is until the Warlock kings descended, slaying the ruling families of the realm, sundering the friendships of companions, and setting the kingdoms into its eventual decline.

For uncounted years the Warlock kings, delved deep into the working of magic since lost after the times of the Phoenix wars, that raged centuries before, their magic though was seated in the learning of necromancy and shadow.

Eventual the lord of the north, descended upon the seats of shadow, and after seven years of long war by spells and blades, the kingdom of the Mael’ Mornangrath, was brought low, it great city of Vorganandan razed, and it's beast-men sundered. The city was leveled to the ground and reduced to dust.

Runners still hunt for its halls, seeking the vast treasure within. Even though the city was destroyed the underhalls still exist, and rumors speak of a vast network of trails passages and underground roadworks that travel the breadth beneath The Gilded Coast.
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Dungeons of The Grand Realm
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